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Some of the other policies and practices that have been deeply entrenched within the fabric of Australian society since invasion, and of which have been constantly employed to reinstate socio-economic domination by ‘mainstream’ society include, the ideals of terra nullius, dispossession, the protection era, segregation era, assimilation era and mainstream education. When firslty looking at the practice of dispossession one can see a clear parallel linking it to the socio economic domination of Indigenous people. For dispossession has had a devastating impact upon Indigenous communities due to the fact that their natural and cultural resources were largely denied and replaced by government handouts and increasing dependence upon non-Indigenous society which was largely supplanted by non-Indigenous legal and administrative controls (Davidson B et al, 1994). As well as the use of dispossession, instituted within Australian society was the policy and practice of Terra Nullius which meant that Australia was either unoccupied or settled peacefully. This myth was not overturned untill 1992.The way in which the policy of Terra Nullius existed, and created a socio-economic domination of European society over Indigenous culture, w Continue...

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This was further exenterated by the ideals of Social Darwinism. Also within our social and political structure there is still the strong sense of the Christian martyred love, (just look at the Family First party), moreover there is extreme evidence that the grand narrative advancement through capitalist techno science exists within today's society as most people relay on technology to function daily, as we readily function alongside capitalist techno science and lastly the notion of the settlement of Australia is still highly prominent, you walk into most history classes or ask the person sitting next to you and if they are not apart of the so called 'others' you will hear about the settlement of Australia. When this policy was seen to be failing, assimilation was introduced in the 1940s as a means of ensuring Aborigines would be white washed. At the core of such ideals was the belief in the racial superiority of Europeans. as through practices that viewed Indigenous people as being backward savages. These policies and practices even prevented Indigenous people from being eligible for benefits that all other Australian citizens received right up until 1959 , but even then the payments were made to the state rather then to Indigenous people as a and it wasn't until the 1970's that Indigenous people could receive payments directly (Grainger M, 2004). The effect that these polices and practices have had upon Indigenous communities socio-economically has contributed to higher rates of unemployment, lower levels of education obtained, as generally Indigenous Australians leave school earlier and are less likely to be enrolled in post-secondary education. These four grand narratives are important to consider when looking at the socio economic domination over Indigenous people for as discussed by Catherine Brennan "These narratives have a goal of legitimising social and political institutions as well as marginalising the other that is the groups and cultures that are not included in these grand narratives. Furthermore, as discussed within the lecture although these grand narratives are all around us and are highly visible to many of mainstream society they remain unnoticed for as quoted by Joe Fraser within the lecture, "The notion of the other is created by the use of grand narratives, these are discourses that cement the place of those who believe the grand Narratives and causes the non- believers to be labelled as deviant. The life expectancy at birth for Indigenous Australians is 56 years for men and 65 years for women; this compares with 73 and 79 years respectively for the rest of the population. Also through the higher rates of over crowded living conditions within Indigenous societies, Indigenous Australian's death rates are up to four times higher and infant mortality three times higher than for other Australians. The protection era, segregation and assimilation were all policies that can be directly linked to the socio-economic domination of Indigenous people. As throughout the first part of the 20th century, most government policy was based on the assumption that Aborigines were "dying out". A new nation was being built on land that was either unoccupied or rightfully claimed by whites (Strelein L, 2001).


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