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The Globe Theatre, “ A seventeenth century English theatre in Southwark, London”(). Also known, as an Elizabethan theatre was most notable for the initial and contemptuous productions of the dramatic works of English writers, William Shakespeare, Ben Johnson, Beaumont and Fletcher, and others. “In 1576, a carpenter named James Burbage built the first theatre in England, which he called, simply, The Theatre, the first time the word was used to refer to a building specifically designed for the staging of plays”(). It was built in partnership with Shakespeare and others. It was constructed in the Renaissance era, and drew very large crowds. Due to its advancements in technology, props, and its use of music, the Globe always packed in very large crowds of people, even royalty. The Globe was built by James Burbage in 1576, and rebuilt in 1598, by his sons. James built the “The Theatre,” and it prospered for nearly twenty-one years. In 1597, James Burbage died, leaving the Theatre to his two sons. Things began to get rough for the Theatre after James died. “The landowner Giles Allen caused an unexpected problem”(). Giles raised the rent and refused to renew the lease, so one cold night in Decem Continue...

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The Black Death spread so quickly through the country, that throughout the reign of Queen Bess and even King Henry the VIII, at first wind of the plague, theatres were to close, for it was law. People became outraged for whatever reason, and the playhouse"tms future was up in the air. The only other times that the theatre was not open was in the winter when the weather was too cold to bear, and on Sundays. Shrewdly the wherry men would withhold the price of transport until they were halfway across the river, and were unable to escape the fare. The Globe was a special theatre with lots of memorable attributes, and none of it would have been possible if it were not for the loyal royal fans. "Since the Fathers considered play going immoral, they prohibited the theatre managers from luring customers through advertising. Since the Globe was a twenty four sided circular shaped structure, with only a minimal thatched grass roof, and an open center, any time that the weather was adverse they would be forced to close down. The yard went seventy feet between post centers. Under the gallery was special seating where royalty and nobles sat in chairs. Males played all characters, male and female. For a penny more (two cents) one could sit in a chair or on a bench, and watch the play. The balcony floor was eighteen feet six inches, above the yard, and thirteen feet six inches above the stage. They took it over and tore it down. James Burbage built the "Theatre," after he passed his sons rebuilt it and called it the "Globe," they later had to rebuild after a fire, and finally many years the Puritans took it over, putting an end to the legend of the Globe theatre.


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