Labor Issues

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Labor Unions: Aging Dinosaur or Sleeping Giant? The Labor Movement and Unionism Background and Brief History Higher wages! Shorter workdays! Better working conditions! These famous words echoed throughout the United States beginning in “1790 with the skilled craftsmen” (Dessler, 1997, p. 544). For the last two-hundred years, workers of all trades have been fighting for their rights and “seeking methods of improving their living standards, working conditions, and job security” (Boone, 1996,p.287). As time went by, these individuals came to the conclusion that if they work together collectively, they would grow stronger to get responses to their demands. This inspired into what we know today as labor unions. “A labor union is an organized group of workers whose purpose is to increase wages and influence other job conditions for its members” (Parkin, 1998,p.344). These labor unions can be divided into two types: craft unions and industrial unions (World, 1998). A craft union is “a union whose membership is restricted to workers who possess an identifiable skill” (Robinson, 1985,p. 69). These members tend to be better educated and trained, and more unified because of common interests (World, 1998). Continue...

1 of voters feel that unions still benefit the U. Their first move in coming together was in the "promotion of the Marshall Plan to assist the rebuilding of Europe" (Robinson, 1985, p. An outstanding example of this issue resides in the United Auto Workers (UAW) concern with Mexican auto industry. In general, Unions assist women and minorities more significantly than they do white males. Median earnings of non-union Ohioans without and with high school diplomas in 1997 were 6. As laws were being passed that allowed organization, elementary, and secondary education teachers, college professors, and federal employees joined unions. This decision made it more difficult for union leaders to gain leverage since their striking tool lost some of its effectiveness. Furthermore, union membership compliments higher wages for these affected classes with increased job security and with more equal and fair treatment than those not in unions (American Labor, 1998). Clinton"tms promises fell short; however, likely due to his largely republican Congress. The results of this had decreased the AFL membership for a short period of time, but they fought back by bringing unskilled workers into the craft unions (Encyclopedia, 1996). The UAW"tms quest to keep employment up in jobs related to the auto industry is being challenged by Mexican companies that provide automobiles and parts to U. The significance was a decrease in strike activity that was a result to "labor reaction to rising inflation of 1917" (Robinson, 1985, p. Since he seemed removed from domestic union problems, he reinforced the false idea that union leaders across the board were far removed from their union members a public image that discouraged potential union candidates. In respect to higher education, union organization reached four-year college and university level in the 1960"tms (Robinson, 1985).