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Marching band programs connect the youth with their culture through a common language generational, social, and racial barriers. Marching band programs permanently enrich the lives of young people through a commitment to youth development and performance excellence while providing enjoyment for the local community and audiences around the area. Top rated marching bands bring a new found meaning to the way of excellence. There are unquestionably many similarities between these groups. They all have a brass section, a woodwind section, a drum line, amazing volunteers, and a staff of teachers determined to make them the best. They all perform shows for screaming fans or it's just to fill in a half-time show for a football game. But what makes some bands stand out from the rest? Determination, loyalty, and respect of authority brings a group of people together to work their hardest towards excellence. Marching band members are truly defined by the mentality and beliefs of the members off the field of competition. Although a great performance every week, or every night for some, is obviously a goal for band members, a respectable work ethic of every person is a far higher priority. Each member exudes a sense of respect for Continue...

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The history and large base of supportive alumni are also a key part of the band's beliefs and traditions. These volunteers generously give up their time and talents to further the educational opportunities of the youth members. In a united family, they strive to do the same, no matter how difficult it may seem, truly defines a member of excellence. Band is not an organization where one person can sit on a bench all season and not participate. The executive director believes in the value of the personal connections which are formed through a season of sweat, blood and tears that every performing member, staff member and volunteer feels in every bone of their body. Furthermore, the bands believe in the sanctity of the uniform and the loyalty it symbolizes. What it means to be a member of these excellent organizations can be wrapped up in the four words: think, believe, dream, and dare. They uphold traditions and wear the uniform with the utmost pride, because the past family of alumni makes the band what it is today. The staff knows that a member who will work past the limits of their peers and absorb every nugget of information from the teachers is just the person that stretches the limits of the activity. These top rated bands do not attempt to hide the weaker players in the back of the drill. Not only does this director know everyone in the band's names, he or she knows their pets' names too! He or she truly cares about the chemistry of the organization and what experience the members are having compared to how competitive the band is. They have only the highest opinion of any other group who work hard to achieve a goal. Members of these organizations join these bands based on their willingness to work hard and their ability to be taught, not necessarily their natural talent on the equipment. every aspect of this exciting activity.


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