death penalty

             In my paper I plan to give my opinion and my position on the death penalty. I believe the death penalty should be for hardened criminals like the Charlie Mansons of the world and people like that. I believe that our judicial system right now is clogged with to many cases pending the death penalty in America. These people should not be allowed such luxuries in prison such as TV, good food, and the ability to get out on parole and the chance for we, the public, to see him/her kill or do it again. It is just not right to the judicial system and us, we pay the taxes so they can appeal and live the good life and that is not how it should be. I believe strongly that inmates should have to suffer just as their victims did when their life was cut short. I think that they should be publicly humiliated before they are put to there demise.
             The prisoners should not be put on trial six times for the same crime if they are found guilty the first time. This puts a strain on our economy when we have to try the same case more than once. We end up spending in the end around 3.2 million dollars on one execution and why? Because our society is to involved in making a good image for it self so it forgets about what the right thing to do is. We just go on and on with the trials and the appeals and never really get anywhere. The inmates are allowed to appeal so many times that they will die by the time they are finally sentenced to death so what’s the point of spending all that money we might as well let them go free.
             I wish society could be the same as it was about 150 years ago when you were punished right away for what you did there was no mercy. The people had one chance to say what they wanted and most of the time it had no effect on the trial or sometime they had no chance to speak there mind they were just sentenced to death. People take

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