My Life

             This is my life, on a January 28, 1984 I came into this world. To be specific, Sun Valley, CA. I was born to my parents, Luciano T, and Reyna C, whom to this day reside in the same city they lived in when I was born, and live as they did twenty years ago, happy and married.
             Since I have had the ability to remember, I cannot recall not once liking school, to be precise from the fist day of kindergarten to the last minute I was forced to check out of high school. Due, to the simple fact I simply did not want to go school, I hated going to place where I was academically pushed, and asked to give an effort, not to mention the fact of school being a daily mandatory task.
             I have always had some type of trouble with High School I would say school was my major weakness. During my high school years, I failed many classes. Among the failures, I would say the subject of English was a few too many times the recipient of a fail. I have always had some type of trouble getting started with reading and writing, this I am gradually changing. I could not lift a book and read if my life depended on it, you would think the book weighed a ton. As for writing, I would always have something to write, no matter what the subject, big or small, problems would be poor grammar, spelling, sentence structure etc., but never effort.
             Throughout my career, I have worked or better yet walked through many job professions, from the usual burger flipping at the golden arches to awkward, or not legal job professions. However, now my current career is the Marine Corps.
             During the course of my existence, I have been through a many situations, I would have liked never to been in, but due to the circumstances, I could not avoid. Such as growing up in not to good of a neighborhood, I arrived to this conclusion after joining the Marine Corps, soon I realized, I knew more deceased individuals in my neighborhood, and violence than in the Corps.

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