Which factors contribute to crime

             The rate of crime in the world is 0.82% higher than last year. Many factors contribute to crime. If these factors didn’t exist, crime would disappear in the world. Drugs and alcohol are abundant in our society; the law doesn’t impose enough restrictions or enforce the rules. Also parental discipline and societal guidance during childhood are lacking. As well, a greater number of people in the world are developing a material consciousness. Each of the above has added to the increase of crime. Without doing something to reduce crimes, our society is at risk.
             The first contributor of crime is drugs and alcohols. After people consume drugs or alcohol, they feel very excited, and may do something stimulating or something crazy. For example, there were some teenagers who after consuming heroin; when they were caught, they said they couldn’t control themselves. The use of drugs and alcohol often leads to addiction. Many people believed they wouldn’t become addicted after taking these substances, but the contrary is true. Researchers tell us that generally, only 0.21% of substance users don’t become addicted. And when people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, they are desperate to acquire the money needed to buy them. And, if they haven’t enough money, they will commit crime to it.
             But if drugs and alcohol weren’t marketed by dealers, they wouldn’t be as abundant and therefore wouldn’t endanger our society to the some degree.
             So, the second contributor of crime is imperfect law. First, because the law doesn’t strongly limit the use of firearms and drugs, and people will take advantage of this to profit, even at the risk of crime. For instance, the used of marijuana in Canada is allowed. This permission makes the crime rise. Because it is an addictive substance that alters the mind, obnoxious behavior and criminal acts can result. Next, the law often doesn’t change when new technologies appear; some people use thi

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