An unforgettable memory

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An Unforgettable Memory Photographs are simply frozen moments in time. They are still memories, telling without words a story from the past. These are memories that seen in the future cause thoughts of “what if”, “what could’ve happened,” or “what didn’t happen”. The tears flow down while I sit here and attempt to describe this picture. It is probably the most painful memory I have. It was taken by a sidewalk on a busy street in Miami Beach. I’m hugging my boyfriend seductively, whom I had been dating in the picture about four months. One of my legs is around him, and he is hugging me right back watching the camera intensely. His handsome face is clearly seen while mine is halfway covered by my hair. We are dressed for the occasion. I’m wearing a sexy skirt with a lingerie corset and, as usual, high heels. He wears a polo style green and white striped shirt with common blue jeans. The picture was taken last year on my birthday, November 16, 2003. It was the celebration of my becoming legal; well legal enough to get charged for things. It is really late at night though you can’t tell exactly, but I can. It’s easy to see the pitch black sky throughout Continue...

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We were starting to fall apart, especially when we started to see how we each had different points of views in everything and we seemed to disagree even on the silliest things. I can still remember that day like it was yesterday. I realized all the things I should have thought about a long time before. Every time I stare at my daughters face I will be reminded of all the obstacles that got in the way as of November 16, 2003. Though the day was supposed to be a celebration, you would never notice, due to the absence of chaos that is usually never missed on a Saturday night on Washington Avenue. Then we finally ended up relaxing by the calm water. My best friend, well at least my best friend at that time, had decorated her new car with balloons and writing on the windows that would let everyone know it was my birthday. The picture looks almost like a deserted environment except for the couple in the middle of it. The picture was taken right before we got to the sand. However I didn't have the heart to get rid of my pregnancy. Turning 18, finally! I was finally legal enough to get into clubs; (Not like I had any problems before) Throughout the morning I received about a thousand calls from various places in the world. The shiny new car didn't seem to be so shiny anymore. Everyone used to always tell me to not take things so seriously, not to rush into something so fast just because it seemed to be a story from a fairy tale. I was already six weeks into it and I had heard my babies first heartbeat.


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