Electro Magnetic Feilds

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Technology and the individual: How Electro- Magnetic Fields Affect our lives Electricity is the building block of our society. Now more and more we are becoming dependent on electricity from computers to microwaves, electric power is what keeps our society running. Something that no one thinks about is Electro- Magnetic Fields or (ELF’s). While these ELF are being ignored slowly they are becoming a silent but deadly killer in our society. Scene cancer and illness are becoming so common people are slowly coming around about what ELF’s are and what if anything can be done to stop or slow down the effects of ELF’s on our families and friends. Their maybe only few solutions to stop ELF’s infiltration on our society and only one or two alternatives were found to slow the fields so they don’t affect our health. “ In 1995 leaked a draft report by American Scientific committee conducted that millions of people face an increased risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases from exposure to fields from power lines, power plants and electrical appliances.”(Perry 1) With that quote we can see that this isn’t a new issue to our society, but yet more people are clueless about the effect of electro- magnetic fields on t Continue...

This was proven in a study done by the New York utility industry of power lines. The government of the United States, Canada and United Kingdom have provided a couple of ideas that can be done to protect yourself and your families. "Using solar and wind power can used and transported with a low-voltage lines and stored in houses by batteries, but the problem is the low-voltage lines cant travel the distance of high-voltage lines and therefore most solar and wind power must be owned by the individual to be useful. The most common things in our homes are secondary causes not the power lines. The reason that children are susceptible to ELF's are their immune systems are not fully evolved and therefore their white blood cells are not at full composed. It's just decreases the chance of sickness and cancer. (Perry 2) Everyone suffers from these ailments and if people you know suffer from these things, a look should be taken at their living space especially in children. Trying to find solutions to stopping ELF's infiltration on our homes and lives was complicated, due to the power companies incompliance to protect us. Works Sited: DeWitt, John. Power companies in the near future are going to have to make public that ELF's exist and that they are dangerous in some instances are causing cancer and ES, but until the day that the governments of the world make the power companies comply all we can do is protect ourselves and warn other about the effects of ELF's.