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As our technology continues to advance, new breakthroughs in medicine are discovered. With these new developments serious ethical and moral questions arise. Advancements in genetic engineering, reproductive technologies, cloning, organ transplanting, and human experimentation are all causes of concern. The Human Genome Project, an incredible scientific undertaking determined to produce a map of the human DNA code, will tell us how each gene or group of genes function (Lemonick and Thompson 44). With this map, scientists and doctors will be able to figure out how genes can malfunction and cause deadly diseases. Of course, they will also know what each gene controls, and how to manipulate and control our genes to get the specified, desired results. This is exactly the type of tool researchers need to perfect the science of eugenics. "Eugenics"- a powerful word from the Greek stem meaning "good in birth" (Gray 84). In the past, it was thought that we could improve the quality of the human race by making it impossible for those with undesirable traits to reproduce. Charles Davenport once said that he hoped "human matings could be placed on the same high plane as that of horse breeding" (qtd. in Gray 84). Many states Continue...

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Progress has been made in the field of genetically testing unborn children, also. Lastly, there is the theory that by cloning a human, we deny that person their uniqueness and dignity. Proponents of human cloning have several reasons for having the view they do. Abdulaziz Sachedina, an Islamic scholar at the University of Virginia, declared cloning to be in violation of Islamic teaching about the family legacy and said that it eliminates the sanctioned role of fathers in procreating children (Madigan et al. It allows a woman who faces a high-risk pregnancy have a child without jeopardizing her own health, and lessens the chances of premature birth. There are two arguments to refute this. Some of these include the threat of an allergy inducing gene being spliced into a relatively harmless organism, the increased production of poison by an altered plant, and the loss of nutritional content in engineered food (Tangley 40). The false science of eugenics and purification of the human race swayed these states. Defenders of genetic alterations also claim that this science is perfectly acceptable as long as researchers refrain from doing anything along "racist" or "classist" lines (Yount 88). One Protestant scholar, Gilbert Meilander, said that cloning is immoral because the reason for the clone's existence "would be grounded in our own will and desires" (qtd. It may be based on personal experience, religious beliefs, or occupation. A commanding force to be reckoned with in the debate over moral and ethic issues. Another method, "gamete intrafallopian transfer" (GIFT), is done by injecting sperm and an unfertilized egg into a fallopian tube, at which time conception and implantation will occur (Leone, Reproductive 13). in McCuen 39) Is human experimentation limited to savage, foreign countries Unfortunately not.


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