Many individuals today have civilized bodies and barbarous souls. Many are blind to the real sights of this world and deaf to its voice. However, no matter how ignorant one may be, he or she cannot disregard the significance of plastics in his or her life. Although they were not recognized as such, many materials used centuries ago for clothing and elements of construction, were natural polymers based on starch and cellulose. Then, ever since Alexander Parkes concocted the first man-made plastic in 1862, people utilized plastics in everything—automobiles, homes, entertainment, clothes, and even medicine. In addition to its many uses in everyday products, plastics can perform functions at a cost lower than other materials, and perhaps more efficiently too. Where would humanity be without the use of plastics? Although there is no way that anybody can deny the fact that plastics enhance everybody’s lives, many are unaware how important plastics are to the society.
             While some people may argue that the invention of computers is the most important development in the last 2,000 years, plastics allow the manufacture of computers to occur. The more obvious use of plastics is Tupperware, which makes mothers happy all over the world by making the preservation of leftovers more convenient. Along with satisfying the adults, plastics bring smiles to the younger generations with Barbie dolls, footballs, Frisbees, and Hula Hoops. Then, in order to assure that the little girls and boys are playing without the risk of hurting themselves, producers gave rise to safeguards such as helmets and kneepads. Furthermore, in the fashion industry, the discovery of nylon in 1920’s created a big craze. Instead of animal hair in toothbrushes and silk stockings, chemists replaced them with nylon; this caused American women to storm department stores across the country to purchase this latest in women’s hosiery. From the first moment a man open

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