Analysis of Crimes of The Heart

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Crimes of the Heart A-D A. Where is the play? 1. Hazlehurst, Mississippi USA 2. The scenes take place in the home of the Magrath sisters. (Actually it's their grandfather's house, but it is cared for and inhabited primarily by Lenny Magrath.) 3. The house is old, the exact age and condition is not described. B. When is the play? 1. The play takes place in the summer sometime during the late 19 70's to early 1980's. 2. The play takes place soon after the birthday of Lenny Magrath, which has a special significance to the characters. C. Who is in the play? 1.The 3 Magrath sisters, Lenny, Babe, and Meggy, are the main cluster of characters. Continue...

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They seem to live within these attitudes quite peacefully. Each of these women play the roles that a normal woman plays such as wife, mother, daughter, and sister. What Happened before the play began 1. They seem to consider anything that can be rationally justified as ethical. Babe and Lenny both feel that Meg has always been treated better by their Grandmother and Grandfather. Meg abandoned Doc Porter in Biloxi during a hurricane. A character that is often talked about is Granddaddy, yet he is never seen.


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