Compare and contrast Gatsby and Tom

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Compare and contrast Gatsby and Tom In the Great Gatsby, the characters of Tom and Gatsby are more alike then they appear to be. However, they also share some differences too. Both characters, Tom and Gatsby, use many people throughout the story. Also, neither of them really, truly loves Daisy. One of their great differences is that Gatsby is much pleasant than Tom. Tom is much more egotistic than Gatsby. They both have two different personalities, yet can relate to the same secret affairs that occurs throughout the book. First, and most obvious, Tom and Gatsby both use other people throughout the book. Gatsby was just using Nick. He wanted to find Daisy again, but he didn’t know anyone who knew her. When he found out that Nick knew Daisy, he became good friends, and wanted to know more about her. He made Nick invite Daisy over for tea. He did that so Tom would let her go, and so that they would have a reason for meeting. As soon as Daisy Continue...

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When he was finally going to meet daisy, he set up a bunch of white roses, mowed the lawn, and made sure everything was perfect. Also, as soon as Myrtle died, Tom ran off with Daisy, because she was to only thing that he had left. He invited people to his parties, just to see if any of them knew Daisy. Tom was with her because she was catholic, even though he really wanted loved Myrtle and wanted to be with her. A long time ago, when he knew her, he loved her, but then they grew apart, and he stopped loving her. Tom also became mad at Myrtle when she mentioned the name Daisy, and he even went as far as punching her in the nose. He used Daisy when he married her, just so he would have someone to settle down with. Both characters were alike, however, they were both very different in their personalities. got to Nick's house, Gatsby ignored Nick and paid full attention to Daisy. He was also selfish because he didn't care about Daisy and her feelings, only about if he was happy or not. He acted like Nick wasn't even there, as soon as he got what he wanted. Tom was more of an egoistic controlling person. He put ideas in his head of how he imagined her, and what his perfect girl was like, then he started believing that his dreams were really how she was. Gatsby also didn't truly love Daisy.