What my mom means to me

             People could say she is just a regular mom, but she is so much more. She takes care of our family and loves us very much. She used to do everything, but now our whole family has to help out. My mom had a hip replacement, so we spend more time around her. She is the only mom who can get a hip replacement and clean around the house. Our mom is the coolest in the world.
             I’m the shortest person in the house besides my mom. She teaches me respect, manners, and has to clean. When I come home she is there, and we talk about how our day has been. Then she makes me do my homework. She always asks if I have a lot of homework. If I do, she makes me do all of it before I can watch TV.
             Her hair is blond. She is not that tall, but she is still taller than I am. She did not give up when her hip was at the point where she could not use it. Instead she kept on going. In a family of six she can keep order. No matter how she feels she always has a smile on her face and is happy. She always tries to help our family even though she doesn’t know how to do some things. Our neighbors are not that nice, but she speaks to them politely. If someone in my family or I becomes sick, she brings us home and gives us soup and gingerale to. She loves my family so much.
             When my mom wakes up, she always wears a pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt. She has her hair down and puts it behind her ears. She has blond and gray hair. She looks like this everyday. My mom sits on the couch watching TV with rays of sun on her. She has a beautiful smile, and then a normal look, as if she were cooking or petting the cats. I will always know and remember that my mom is gorgeous, and dignified with elegance.
             My mom always makes me clean the floor whenever I’m not doing something. She tells me I can’t hang out with friends all the time, but I do anyway. “ You’re not going over to Shannon’s house today with that attitude,” she would say to me. “

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