Benefit of increasing drinking age

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All Negative Possibilities, No Good Outcome Proposition: Claim of policy. The minimum age for drinking alcohol should remain at the age of 21 in California. “Hey, you want a drink?” “Oh come on, just one drink, it won't hurt you. It's fun.” “It's cool. Everybody does it.” (Ring ring ring) “Ma’am your daughter is in the hospital caused by an overdose of alcohol. Your daughter is in critical condition; please prepare yourself for the worst.” It started by one drink, but later it became many more. Millions of parents every year receive the same fatal phone call; in fact, according to the website of Drinking and Driving Data, every 30 minutes someone in the U.S dies in an alcohol-related crash. Drunk driving remains a serious national problem that tragically affects thousands of victims annually. Reducing the age for minorities to drink alcohol under 21 will increase motor-vehicle crashes, death, injury, homicides, suicides, taxation, and brain damage. With all these negative outcomes, it is crucial to enforce legal drinking alcohol age at 21 years old. We must not reduce the age limit. The website of Youth Facts on Alcohol and Other Drugs announced, “ Drivers at the ages 21-24 had the highest intoxicat Continue...

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Limiting the age in which people cannot drink until they are 21 would protect and benefit everyone. Many children already suffer from body malfunction; therefore with the peer pressure everyday, children already physically challenged will only harm themselves more, if the alcohol age is reduced. Kids need as much nutrients and vitamins they could get to stay healthy. Alcohol effect drivers to lose their ability to perform essential tasks to drive: braking, steering, changing lanes, and using judgment to adjust to changing road conditions. One of the main factors involving neglected schoolwork and school injuryproblems is alcohol. According to National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, "given major underreporting of alcohol-related diagnoses, minimum estimates from one survey of non-Federal, short-stay hospitals in 1991 found 54. According to Random Drug Testing, "Among sexually active teens, those who averaged 5 or more drinks daily were nearly three times less likely to use condoms, thus placing them at greater risk for HIV infection. 54 of the drinkers in this age group binge and about one in four are heavy drinkers (Youth, Alcohol, and other drugs). What they don't need is another factor to damage their body! Everyday children and schools are suffering with schoolwork and injuries, especially those in college. The National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence announced, "Among teenagers who binge drink, 39 say they drink alone; 58 drink when they are upset; 30 drink when they are bored; and 37 drink to feel high. 9 of youth under age 18 in long-term, state-operated juvenile institutions were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the arrest (Youth, Alcohol, and Other Drugs). Allowing teenagers to drink will increase more underage-drinking patients in the hospital, causing staffs to neglect those who need attention. Because drugs impair judgment, it leaves them at risk to injure themselves or innocent people. With only one drink, a driver is 50 more likely to become involved in a car crash.


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