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Lightning is a natural phenomenon that occurs more often than we think it does. That streaking flash, followed by a loud rumbling noise, that makes your knees buckle is very dangerous because of its unpredictable striking force. Being struck by lightning can be deadly, so the more precautions you take ahead of time, the safer you are. Lightning not only affects us, it also has a great impact on our man-made structures and of course, our natural surroundings. According to Professor Martin Uman, one of the world’s leading lightning experts: Lightning is an effect of electrification within a thunderstorm. As the thunderstorm develops, interactions of charged particles produce an intense electrical field within the cloud. A large positive charge is usually concentrated in the frozen upper layers of the cloud and a large negative charge with a smaller positive are is found in the lower portions. (4) This produces what you see, a lightning flash, which may be “two or 300 feet long” (25). The flash itself may be only as wide as a pencil, but because it is extremely hot, hotter than the sun, its glow appears to be very wide to the hu Continue...

Carr, saying "we have never been able to conquer Mother Nature, and we never will be (B1). A 4 manager at the refinery would not say whether lightning caused the fire, because it is still under investigation. According to my research, I have learned that one should keep away from conductors such as metal and water, as well as tall trees. Then all of a sudden, the next thing I know is look at my feet and now they are in the air. If outside, with no time to reach a safe building or an automobile, follow these rules given by Martin Uman: Do not stand underneath a natural lightning rod such as a tall isolated tree in an open area. Much more frequent are flashes within clouds. It did not just go pow, and it was over. (Lightning) In listening and watching Trevino speak, I could see his confusion and uncertainty of what was happening to him. "A scored pattern on the fifth green at Phalem Park Golf course in St. All of a sudden, the sun was hidden behind the clouds and the sky turned a dark purplish color, and then it downpoured. Although lightning kills many Americans every year, luckily some victims of lightning hits have lived to tell about the experience. After something like this happens, the question that comes to mind, is can lightning strike twice Well, according to Bernhard Warner, a staff writer for the Asbury Park Press, there was a smaller explosion in Linden, New Jersey, at the Tosco Refining Co.