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Major American Writers The honored title of "Major American Writer" tends to be ambiguous and ill defined in part because each individual reader holds preconceived notions about what characteristics a writer should possess to be classified as a major author. Every work an author creates combines with the others to form a body of material on which the writer is judged. This class on Major American Writers studied five authors with completely different genres, writing styles, and general appeal. The choice for these particular authors was based on criteria unique to the instructor. Since every reader requires different characteristics, this paper will outline my specific criteria for a Major American Writer and apply those to Robert Frost and Henry James. Frost is a perfect example as defined by my characteristics of a major writer. His work embodies all the features necessary to categorize him as such. While James's work is well critiqued and studied, he does not meet my criteria for a major writer. His work falls short in some of the fundamental requirements. There are four specific criteria by which I define a Major American Writer. The most important for the significance of an author is the relevance of the wri Continue...

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James also beings to remove the narrator from his stories to permit the reader a greater glimpse into the psyche of his characters. The last criterion for a Major American Writer is the overall impact on literature. His characters are much more psychologically explained and explored than emotionally driven. However, that does not equally qualify them as "Major American Writers. Frost's writing style also helps his writing to be accessible and to engage the reader. A modernist poet, he combined the substance of modern poetry with the technique of traditional verse. He beautifully illustrates difficult to explain emotions with prose and poetry. Eugenia may be complex and varied but her emotions and humanity are set aside in favor of exploring her psyche. Style as well as substance is necessary when discussing criteria for an author to be a Major American Writer. "After Apple-Picking" is as much about picking apples as it is about life and death. The nature of the world is constant change and if the work of an author is not able to transcend the change it will be forgotten or obsolete. James, while a wonderful writer does not have the exemplary qualities to merit the title. Metaphors are present in his work but not dominating to the point of convolution. There are many other considerations that could qualify an author for this honor. The subject matter did not seem to relate to any experience or thought I have ever had and required real substance.


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