My Ideal father

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My father, a man with a great personality and great thoughts, taught me deciplins and importance of life. He is the best father one can have. He is 6 feet tall and has a mustache. Women are always ready for one-night-stands with him. So you can see how handsome he would be. Since he is a gentleman, he never even thinks towards that direction. My mom is very proud to have him as her husband. He gave a lot of sacrifices for his family, turning down all those pretty women would be considered as a big sacrifice. No seriously, he did a lot for his family to give them the best education and the living standard. Not only to his wife and kids, also to his own y Continue...

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May God bless my father and hope and pray that he stays around for many more years to come. He sent his brothers abroad for higher education. Worked many hours to help them pay for studies. Every time I would have any kind of a problem, I very well knew where to turn for help. The experienced that he possessed assured me to take his advise. Whether I needed an advice to make a decision or financial help, he was always there for me and thank God he still is. He was and still is a very loving and caring father. Since I always seek advise from my father, he advised to join the company which I had thought was not giving me a better deal. I had two offers and one of them offered a better deal then the other. He really emphasized on education from the very beginning. I remember one time I was really confused in choosing the company to join. My mom tells me, he was there for me everyday, played with me when I was little and even now he gives me time and attention.


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