Definition of a Professional Athlete

             The definition of a professional athlete can be broken down into two separate words. The American Heritage Dictionary states the definition of a professional as “of or engaged in a profession; engaging in a given activity as a source of livelihood.” It also says an athlete is “one who participates especially in competitive sports.” There is no doubt that a professional athlete would fit that description, but there is one key word that is significant: competitive.
             The website, states that competitive can be defined as “liking competition or inclined to compete.” There are a number of athletes in professional sports such as the NBA, MLB, or NFL who truly loves the game and competes every day to the best of their ability. Then there is the “other side of the court,” meaning the athletes who do not give their all, do not strive for perfection, or sometimes do not even show the slightest bit of interest in the game. Personally, I do not consider those types of players to be professional athletes.
             Dick Vitale, a famous college basketball reporter, always admits every season that college basketball is the greatest sport to participate in or watch. He simply says it is because of how the kids compete. There are no cash bonuses or contracts; every kid wants to be part of a team and plays to win. I believe greed is what has corrupted professional athlete’s mind. There are numerous examples of this in every sport involving money. I think it is absurd for a single person to make hundreds of millions of dollars for doing nothing more than playing with a ball. A good example is Shaquille O’Neal earning 17 million dollars per year! They play 8 games a season, which comes out roughly to 210,000 dollars a game if he played each and every one of them. In my opinion, nobody is worth that amount of money, especially given in one short season. A basketball game last roughly two hours, which would be ...

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