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Turn Back the Hands of Time There are several different holidays throughout the year, which are celebrated in a variety of ways. The holiday represents different things to different people cause of religion, culture, or family traditions. Although some people may not be able to be around family the remembrance does not go unnoticed. Most everyone has a favorite holiday that inspires fond memories, which may be happy or sad. Abigail’s favorite holiday is 4th of July. She enjoys the fireworks displays that are put on by various merchants or individuals. For example, as a child she remembers Continue...

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a very well to do family putting on a huge fireworks display every 4th of July for the community. He recalls with sorrow the day his mother was notified his father had been killed in action during the Vietnam War. As a child she liked the thrill and anticipation that the next rocket provide as it was launched into the air. Even considering when being closed to loved ones is impossible that special holiday arouses some of the fondest memories, which might even be sad. For instance, each year he participates in the Memorial Day parade and visits the Vietnam Wall in dedication to his father and those who perished along with him. Christmas is the most pleasurable holiday for me. For instance, the aroma of Grandmother's fresh baked homemade rolls permeated the air, indicating mealtime was near. This holiday renews a fond memory of my childhood. While some people don't realize the impact of this mournful day he does with deep sadness. Although she has seen several fireworks displays, her childhood memories are the greatest ones she has ever experienced. Although painful this day reminds him what his father gave in the name of freedom. Sad as it may be Memorial Day is Mark's favored one. For instance, the bright, beautiful colors and the loud cannon like booms bring squeals of delight and pleasure from the crowd. Although not everyone will enjoy the same holiday for the same reason, most everyone cherishes a favorite holiday because of unique feelings.


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