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BEHIND EVERY GOOD MAN IS A GREAT WOMAN Most ancient texts were written by men. It is important to remember this. The writers made sure that men were always the heroes, the powerful ones-- the important ones. Women always seem to lay in the background. However, we must not blame this solely on the writers. Historically, women have not been treated as equals. One cannot help but observe that in the specific area of family life a widespread social and cultural tradition has considered women's role to be exclusively that of wife and mother. As a wife, a woman was expected to obey and serve her husband. Men saw women as, what they believed to be, the fulfillment of God’s intention: "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner" (Genesis 2.18). Despite these biases, women play a central and crucial role in many historical texts. Even if the men are always the heroes, behind every good man is a great woman. Let’s explore these two great women: Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey, and Sarah from Genesis. They are both shadowed by the greatness of their husbands. However, if we read carefully, we can make them come out of their hiding place and le Continue...

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    .... Penelope had waited a long time for her husband Odysseus to come home and in the end she gave up and began allowing suitors to come around. .... Sarah Lawall. .... (1383 6 )

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    .... lost husband, he did so without batting an eye even though Penelope was obviously .... Lawall, Sarah, et al .... (652 3 )

Sarah plays an important role in Abraham"tms life too. Penelope and Sarah are not just powerful forces behind their husbands, they also play an important role in the lives of their sons. Was she forced by Abraham, and the author just failed to mention this Maybe she felt forced by society. However, it was she that made this suggestion. Depending on how much power the king has overthe queen, Telemachus may have been left with nothing. They have taken their restrictions and acted through them in order for their voices to be heard. She, ever faithful to her husband"tms memory,will not remarry. Her devotion to her husband is also seen in Genesis 16. She does this because she feels that his presence threatens her son. Penelope and Sarah are just two examples of women that played an important role in a story. However, it is important to remember why he is able to resume his reign: because his throne was guarded by the faithful Penelope. We must therefore read closely, and look beyond the achievements of the heroes in order to discover our heroines. Why else would she have refused to remarry Her emotions develop and support Odysseus character. If Penelope and the suitor had a child, a potential conflict could arise.


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Clytaemnestra, Electra and Penelope. Penelope is dutifully waiting for her husband to return as she is surrounded by suitors who want Odysseus's kingdom. (1650 7 )

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Helen and Penelope in The Iliad and The Odyssey. In The Odyssey, Athena essentially uses Penelope to test Odysseus and Telemakhos. (1670 7 )

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In one scene in particular, the homecoming scene between Odysseus and Penelope, we see this lesson regarding the sanctity of marriage and the inviolate nature (1026 4 )

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When her nurse comes to inform Penelope, Odysseus' wife, that her husband has returned, Penelope refuses to believe her and thinks the gods have turned her (1566 6 )

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