similarities between children and their parents

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The Similarities and Differences Between Parents and Their Children The transition from childhood to adulthood is a journey undergone by all, but all in a different way. While some people believe that the maturation process is a time for one to develop one's individuality and uniqueness from one's parental figures, others believe that growing up is a fine-tuning of beliefs, morals and ideology passed down from generation to generation. The old saying "A chip of the old block" in most cases applies to every human, regardless of how different one may seem from one's parents. Qualities are inherited that cannot be suppressed and will always prevail despite how much one may want to differ form one's parents. While protruding into this topic, valuable issues must be discussed; moral ideology, lifestyles, social influences, and physical attributes are all factors in the distinction between a child and his/her parents. Morals are one of the key ingredients in raising a child. These thoughts are passed from the parent to the youngster from birth and possibly even as far as death. Parents are always helping the development of morals weather intentional or through actions displayed by the parent. Although a parent may not even Continue...

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Usually this process goes either one of two ways: the child either mimics the parent's habits or the child develops a resistance. Perhaps a simple example of this rational is the lesson of truth. The path in life that one chooses is most definitely caused by the way one is raised, weather or not the path is similar is dependent upon many aspects of growing up. For example, it is a possibility that a parent is always pushing a child to attend church. Aside from the morals, lifestyles, and social influences, children are a part of their parents. There are some cases, however, where because a child does not participate in the evolution of society the child is very similar to the parent in one aspect while a sense of individualism is never achieved. Because the child is so used to doing things a certain way, when the absence of the parent arises, the habits are carried over. Kids grow up learning how to handle situations from past experiences and the lessons that have been attained. Now the parent whose morals are set in organized religion has a child who has drifted away from religion and entirely new ideas are developed in hisher mind. Some people think that children can grow old and never contain any similarities as the parents. The effect can be best described in terms of the word imitation. In William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," Miss Emily is stuck in a society that was present when her father was still alive. It is a theory of many people that alcoholism is a genetic inheritance. When generations develop new ideas and trends also develop, such as in Dee's case of trying to stay up to date in what was going on in her environment, children begin to differ from their parents.


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