The Battle of Gettysburg

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Introduction I have chosen to write about the battle of Gettysburg, because I found the American Civil War very interesting and I want to know more about that particularly battle mentioned above. I have seen one of many movies that been made over the battle of Gettysburg, it is the best and most realistic movie ever made over the battle. With this report I want to learn more about the battle than I already know, because there is a lot more in this subject for example why the it was at Gettysburg the bloodiest battle were fought and why the Confederate army lost the battle and not the Union army. Statement of problem I want to describe how the battle began and why it was at Gettysburg, plus analyse why it became the bloodiest battle under the American Civil War. Finally I want to estimate why the Civil War lasted about two more years after the three days bloody battle ended and could the war have had another outcome if the Confederate won over the Union. How did the battle began and why at Gettysburg Robert E. Lee, became more and more courageous after every decisive victory, it really became serious when he won two big battles at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, then his mind started to consider turn Continue...

As the Confederate brigades got closer more and more was killed when the canons were fired, although they were pretty close in succeeding, they got some of the Unions canons in a small period, but too many were killed in the way over the field. His plan was to march on the West side of the Blue Ridge mountains with the purpose to hide his movements from the Union army. Stuart would first arrive late at the battles second day, therefor many believes that he became Lee's scapegoat. Understaffed the 20th Maine held it's position until they ran out of ammunition, then ordered Chamberlain a bayonet assault against the Confederate army and forced them away from Little Round Top. General Longstreet is against it cause he know that over half of them would die before they would reach the Union and as he sees his proud men goes he says this quotation: "My heart is heavy. Chamberlain, 33 years old and professor at the university Bowdoin College was ordered to hold the Union outer left flank at any cost, till the last man if needed. 500 men and under command of general John Buford. In 1893 Chamberlain got The Congressional Medal of Honour, the highest distinction in America. 000 Union soldiers, two generals and three artillery units. The second day the Union won, but it was close to a defeat because the Confederate army used some very smart tactics created by Lee which he had learn under the war against Mexico some years earlier. General Heth's men reached the outskirts of Gettysburg early morning and attacked General Buford's waiting cavalry, which soon got reinforcement from General John F. As written it was not the plan to go anyway near Gettysburg if General A.