The Holocaust VS The Crucible

             Hitler believed in ethnic cleansing. He wanted the non-white race to disappear. To him non-whites were an inferior race. Individuals of Jewish descent were particularly singled out. Hitler ordered their imprisonment in concentration camps which had deplorable living conditions. Jewish “prisoners” were badly mistreated and then most were killed. This “ethnic cleansing” didn’t just take place in Germany but all over Western Europe. The Crucible also tackles the problem of perception. In the reading the author describes how the characters believe that some people are more deserving of life than others. This perception is totally false but it continues to attract believers.
             Hitler’s plan was to create a dominant race consisting of “pure” white humans who were mentally superior to all others. He was a charismatic speaker who was very powerful in persuading others to his point of view. He made people believe that only the white race should live on this Earth and all those of other races or religions should be driven out with force or execution. Hitler spoke to the people and told them to follow his ideas and that he would lead them to total domination of the world. I don’t think that many people had any idea what kind of mad man Hitler really was. When the Nazi Party gained control of Germany, Hitler used official decrees as a weapon against the Jews. He created an environment of fear for Jews and stripped them of their property and place in society. Their rights were taken from them. They couldn’t marry, vote, or hold public office. It was a gradual process that continued for years.
             Holocaust, which means a religious rite in which an offering was entirely consumed by fire, was twisted into one of the most horrific, demonic event in history. When the Nazi party came into power in Germany in 1933, they immediately began to discriminate against the Jews. They...

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