The Holocaust VS The Crucible

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Hitler believed in ethnic cleansing. He wanted the non-white race to disappear. To him non-whites were an inferior race. Individuals of Jewish descent were particularly singled out. Hitler ordered their imprisonment in concentration camps which had deplorable living conditions. Jewish “prisoners” were badly mistreated and then most were killed. This “ethnic cleansing” didn’t just take place in Germany but all over Western Europe. The Crucible also tackles the problem of perception. In the reading the author describes how the characters believe that some people are more deserving of life than others. This perception is totally false but it continues to attract believers. Hitler’s plan was to create a dominant race consisting of “pure” white humans who were mentally superior to all others. He was a charismatic speaker who was very powerful in persuading others to his point of view. He made people believe that only the white race should live on this Earth and all those of other races or religions should be driven out with force or execution. Hitler spoke to the people and told them to follow his ideas and that he would lead them to total domination of the world. Continue...

Many of these Jews meet their final demise at Death Camps, or concentration camps. The only thing they could do was sit back and watch in horror. Their houses destroyed and belongings stolen. They believed that only the "pure blood" races were fit to survive. The girls acted as if the accused witches had been hurting them. orghwebimtncanca-01nca-01-12-index. And that person would probably be executed. In the case of the Jews, even if they lied and said that they weren8217;t Jewish, a neighbor could and probably tell the authorities that they actually were Jewish. Bibliography 8220;The Holocaust8221;, The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles in Washington, D. Due to malnutrition and poverty, typhus was not uncommon. After this particular incident, many Jews in Germany, and in Austria as well opted to leave as soon as possible.