Tobias George Smollett

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Tobias George Smollett (1721-1771), Scottish novelist, was born in Dalquhurn, Dumbarton County Scotland. Smollett was born beneath a plane tree at Dalquharn House on the family estate of Bon hill in the Vale of Leven, near the village of Renton, Dumbartonshire. At fourteen Smollett was apprenticed to a Glasgow doctor. He studied medicine at Glasgow University and moved to London in 1740. He was a ship's surgeon in the Carragena expedition against the Spanish in the West Indies, and lived in Jamaica until 1744 when he returned to London and renewed his earlier attempts to stage a play he had written The Regicide, but still met with no success. He also failed to set up his own medical practice. His first novel, the partly autobiographical Roderick Random (1748), was an immediate success. His best novel, The Expedition of Humphry Clinker (1771), has become a classic. It is a story, told in a series of let Continue...

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His principal enemies are the schoolmaster and the young heir. The Adventures of Roderick Random ( 1748 ). Two years later, Johnson and Boswell stayed at Cameron House with Smollett's cousin James, who was preparing to erect a Tuscan column in Smollett's memory at Renton. Translation of Cervantes' novel. The Adventures of Ferdinand, Count Fathom ( 1753 ). Some of Tobias Smollett's work consists of The Tears of Scotland (1746). The History and Adventures of an Atom ( 1769 ). He spent his last years in poor health, and died in Livorno, Italy, on October 21, 1771. ters, about the travels of a family through England and Scotland. This is a paragraph from Tobias Smollett's book The Adventures of Roderick Random. Smollett was troubled by lack of money. The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker ( 1771 ). The Adventures of Sir Lancelot Greaves ( 1760 ).


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