Transformation by Marry Shelley

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             The short story “ Transformation” by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley is a confession of a man, who experiences supernatural adventure that completely changes his personality. One of the most important themes of the story is the struggle of good and evil in a soul of a person. This theme is topical at all times. Every person has his own sins, and he is able to estimate them only if he manages to take a detached view of himself. Happiness of a person depends on weather he is able to fight against dark side of his soul or not. Love and selfless feelings help him in this fight. To convey this theme successfully the author uses the concept of doppelganger. It helps her to develop the character of Guido (the narrator), and to divide his good and bad features. She stresses the importance of what the character sees through his own eyes, how he perceives himself and others around him.
             In the beginning of the story the narrator characterizes himself as an extremely selfish, elate, careless person, who is not able to control his wild emotions and passions. He looses his father’s money only because of that. More than that he is not able to keep the most important person of his life – his innocent and fragile bride Juliet. Unfortunately, at the moment the narrator does not understand all his mistakes and just continues his wasteful life. Only at the edge of his life, when he is sure that he will die in a while “I shall soon die here on these lonely sands, and the limbs he covets will be mine no more...” he meets this ugly malignant dwarf and finally realizes all his mistakes. The dwarf actually forces him to find the way out, he shows him all the ugliest sides of his soul and it makes the narrator revalue the meaning of his life. His beautiful appearance and gracefu

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