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Violence in the basis upon which we live. Wherever we go there is some form or act of violence. Most people have lost the concept of right and wrong. The line that once stood between them is now blurred. People find that they do no harm when they commit an act that’s wrong. Violence is seen in many forms today that there was ever before. Media has a large part in broadcasting violence. Violence is due to some of these issues such as easy access to weapons, the people who commit crimes have low self-worth and self esteem and religion has become a lesser and lesser part of society. In the United States they have the Second Amendment which is the right to bear arms. This means anyone in the United States can have a gun. In the States it is said that they have enough guns to arm all the adults and half of the children. Then they wonder why their children go out and shoot people at their scho Continue...

How many school shootings, deaths, and other teen violence acts does it take before we realize what has gone wrong. Most of the kids who had been found guilty of shooting their peers at school had very low self-esteem and self-worth. Many people who do own weapons get injured or even die from their very own weapons. When children mope around and think nothing of themselves there is something wrong. If we could raise awareness on this many children would be free of depression. If a lot more influence was put on thinking higher and better of yourself many of these children would be alive or free. Although the Internet can not be controlled the access to information on any subject is great. If religion was a lot more reinforced would there be so much violence People find other types of religion much more attractive. Since the access to many forms of weapons is gained to easily it is hard to regulate who has weapons and who doesn't. Also the lack of a solid family life results in a poor knowledge of individuality; who they are and where they belong. If they were such a gun happy country they would not have one of the highest death rates (by gun wounds) in the world. If these kids had not been taunted they would have not sought revenge. Also, many of these children had been taunted or teased.