Worst day of life

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The worst day of my life was when I lost my thumb it was very painful I was emotionally scared and I can’t play video games like normal people. I lost my thumb when I was only a few years old and it hurt a lot. It got taken off in a bike chain. That’s how I lost my thumb. I’m not able to play video games like normal people play. My thumb is always sliding off the buttons. It always hard to keep up when playing video games with my friends. It’s really annoying to play. I’m not as accurate when playing games. I always die a lot in the games I play. Also I lose a lot when I’m playing two player games. I can’t move my thumb as fast as Continue...

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That is what disadvantages I have when playing video games. That's why I sacred for life forever. When I lost my thumb it was very painful. It was different when they took it off because I didn't have a thumb and that was different. It emotionally sacred me for life. That's why my worst day was when . I've always and forever be a freak. When it fell off it was just sitting there and that was bad.


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