Kenya Timeline

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1000 BC Many different types of African people started to settle in Kenya. 5000B.C. The first great civilization in Africa began in the Nile Valley. 700 AD The Arab’s established coastal settlements. 1500-1700 The Portuguese ruled all of the coastal area. 1895 Kenya became a colony of Britain. Continue...

1901 Britain completed a railroad in between Mombassa and Lake Victoria. 1950 Nairobi became the capital of Kenya. 1992 Moi became the president of the KANU. (Kenya Africa Union)1953 The British declared state of emergency and sent 80,000 African"tms todetention camps. 1944 The Kikuyu and other Kenyans formed a political party called the KenyanAfrican Union. 1963 Kenya gained independence from Britain, and became a free nation. 1978 President Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya"tms first leader, died. 1929 Jomo Kenyatta went to Great Britain to argue for Kenya"tms freedom. 1990 Riots broke out in Nairobi to support of a multiparty system. 1982 KANU officially became Kenya"tms only illegal political party. 1956 Kenya began the process of self government. 1940 Kenyans began a movement against British rule. 1920"tms The Europeans controlled all of Kenya"tms government.