Descriptive paragraph for Animal Farm

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Squealer being Napoleon’s right hand man is also the propagandist in the book Animal Farm. Squealer magnifies the animals in this book not only because he is quick witted and sly but also because he is articulate and gives these brilliantly eloquent speeches that make the animals believe whatever he wishes. An example of this is when Squealer makes the animals believe that Boxer was not sent to the glue factory but rather sent to the hospital. Squealer is a small fat pink pig who Continue...

He makes speeches that the animals can understand and he twists the words so well that they believe him without question. is often found beside or near Napoleon. Squealer starts the book off as an average propagandist. Squealer has evolved from just a simple minded propagandist to a magnificent propagandist his speeches not only brainwash the animals but also make them believe and agree with what he has to say "now when squealer described the scene so graphically, it seemed to the animals that they did remember it"(71). In the speech he gives about not singing the "Beasts of England"tm he not only makes them stop singing the song but also makes the animals think that the farm is now better than it was "we expressed our longing for a better society in the days to come. Without Squealer animalism would not have lasted long and the farm would have crumbled in just days. Squealer would always mention Jones at the end of his speeches "who wants to see Jones come back"(33). When Squealer is making speeches he loves to twirl his tail and skip around "skipping from side to side and whisking his tail"(33). Squealer"tms voice is very high pitched and loud. But that has now been established"(77). Squealer or propaganda is a very important necessity in communism or even capitalism. Squealers speeches are not always the greatest but he has a very good trick.


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