Effects Of War

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Paul Crompton Professor Sean Farrell History 112A April 26, 2000 Effects of War What effects does war have on men? Leo Tolstoy, writer of War and Peace, addresses this issue. He uses some of his own views to show how the effects of war change people through the course of a day. Tolstoy’s center message is that human love, trust, and everyday family ties are life-enduring values. Pierre and Andrei see the battle in very different ways. Their views of war change as the war progresses. Prince Andrei, a Russian soldier, reflects on his life the day before the war. During the war he realizes that there are more important things in life. Pierre, a count of Russia, is there to observe the war from a distance. His curiosity puts him in the middle of the battle, and the prospective of war changes to him. Prince Andrei, a regiment commander, thinks about the battle that is going to happen the next day and realizes this battle will be the most terrible of battles in which he has taken part. Knowing this, he reflects on things that have happened earlier in his life. Tolstoy uses realism to develop his characters. Any person in this situation would reflect on his or her life. Andrei talks about the things that have occupied or torm Continue...

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He thinks to himself, "Yes, yes, there they are those false images which agitated, enthralled, and tormented me" (Nelson 256). I believe he knows that he is going to die but realizes his life is a complete mystery now. Pierre did not know anything about war, but he learns about the men and the death and devastation it causes. The central issues he is talking about are his love for a woman, the death of his father, and the invasion of Russia. Andrei says, "Can this be death I can"tmt die; I don"tmt want to die. Now that he is actually in the battle his views are starting to change. The next day, Pierre wakes up late and hurries to the site where he will watch the battle. Pierre learns this through the men, so his views are already starting to change. He believes that you should kill or be killed during a battle. When Pierre speaks to the soldiers, he speaks to them as a solider in battle. Pierre walks around the campsite observing the stern faces of the soldiers, but he does not understand their expressions. He or she wants to look around and take in all the aspects that come with war. He starts to ask questions like, " What will it be like there"and what has it been here Why was I so reluctant to relinquish life There was about this life that I don"tmt now understand" (Nelson 281). At that moment, Pierre understands the soldiers"tm harsh expressions.


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