Historical Events

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Historical Events In the Baroque Period, there were many changes in belief, science, art, and music. Up to this period, the church controlled everything. The church had an influence over everything. This period could be described as the period when people start to change their ways. Now I will tell you about some of the very important people of this period. Sir Isaac Newton was a very impor Continue...

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There will probably never be a period like this again. Plus, he made new equations, which have helped our society by giving us better education and technology. Newton discovered how gravity and inertia work together to keep planets in their regular orbit in space. Maderno is famous for the Santa Susanna building in Rome, Italy. The first architect I will mention is Carlo Maderno. Giacomo Della Porta was famous for the Vignola building also in Rome, Italy. Bernini did the Palazzo Chigi-Odescalchi that also stands in Rome, Italy. There were many famous architects during this period. He was always solving math equations that had others baffled. Also, Newton had a very mathematical mind. I am sure there were many other architects than what I mentioned in this paragraph, but these are a few of the standout architects of the Baroque Period. The last one I have to tell you about is Gian Lorenzo Bernini. That is enough about Sir Isaac Newton, now I am going to tell you about architects.


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