Privatization of the American Prison System

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The question of how to deal with the miscreants of our society has always been the source of many complicated and profound challenges. The latest problem facing our corrections system is a burgeoning prison population that is becoming increasingly dangerous and expensive. Due to tougher legislation the prison system is overwhelmed causing many states to seek alternatives to mass incarceration; yet, many of these alternatives have proven to be ineffective and costly to the American people. In dealing with violent criminals, incarceration is still the safest and most reasonable method, however almost one-quarter of America’s prison population is comprised of drug offenders . Assuming that the legalization of drugs will Continue...

Despite the fact that the crime rate has fallen by nearly 20 percent, prison population has nearly doubled, and increases by 50,000 to 80,000 each year http:www. This new boom industry has many advantages to state operated prisons, as well. They are compensated by a reduction in their sentences and paid wages that are generally less than 1. It saves the lives of prisoners, citizens and correctional officers alike. "No other society in human history has ever imprisoned so many of its own citizens for the purpose of crime control. However, private corporations are profit-driven and their tendency to manipulate the system in order to realize the greatest possible profit-margin is always an inherent risk to allowing this type of industry. not be seen as a feasible option to reducing prison populations in the foreseeable future, the privatization of the prison system would provide a safer and less congested environment for incarceration. MCI and North American Intelecom were both cited for overcharging and MCI was even caught adding an extra minute to every call. The privatization of prisons has given rise to a new industry in this country. Unfortunately, it is also very easy to abuse. With roughly a billion dollars to be made each year, the prison pay phone market is extremely lucrative. Companies that serve this captive market regularly add surcharges of an average 3.