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malcom x

Malcolm X Malcolm X is considered one of the greatest civil rights activists in history. He was known for his somewhat violent message of blacks defending themselves. Despite his original message, he eventually became more peaceful toward whites. However, as his legacy was just beginning to change things for the good, he was abruptly killed by gunmen. Due to his indecisiveness and early death, Malcolm X had a great, yet inadequate impact on the civil rights movement. Malcolm little was born on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska, the son of Louise and Earl Little. In 1929 their house was firebombed by racists while the whole Little family was in the house. It was night and all of them were sleeping. Probably these racists were Ku-Klux-Klan members. The incoming police and firemen didn’t even try to save the house and all of them watched the house burning down. After all that the police arrested Earl Little on suspicion of arson and for carrying a revolver without permit. Earl and Louise Little were followers of Marcus Garvey. He fought for racial separation and more power for blacks. Therefore he founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), the largest black movement to date. “At no point in his life could Malcolm cease struggling” (Frady 3). “Malcolm was very systematic and disciplined with tasks he enjoyed doing even at an early age” (Roedmeir 2). However, he began to have troubles in school. He knew there were things he couldn’t do because he was black. This brought him to the streets. Later on, Malcolm was sent to prison. In prison he learned of the Islamic religion and studied the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm was released from prison in 1952. “He never forgave society for what had happened to him” (Frady 3). “Malcolm was formally accepted into the nation of Islam and received his ‘X’” (Davies 56). “The ‘X’ replaced Little, the name his white slave mast...

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