Compare and Contrast of Jamestown and Plymouth

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Will Collins Per.# 2 Jamestown and Plymouth were the first two successful English colonies in North America. Jamsetown was established in 1607 and Plymouth in 1620. These two colonies were different yet had a number of striking similarities in Governments, reasons for settlements, and differing economic activities. Jamestown and Plymouth had many similarities. For example they both had some sort of government in some way. Jamestown had the first legislative assembly among the western hemisphere in 1619. This would late Continue...

This new cash crop was found by John Rolfe. Jamestown on the other hand was seeking new land for different reasons. They displayed great leadership bringing in a new era. Their government consisted of general court. Plymouth and Jamestown had enlightening colonies. They revealed likes and differences but they provided a new way of life. They also wanted to spread their faith (Christianity) to the natives. He also produced a new method of curing the leaves. This served as a good model for many law making bodies in the U. The Plymouth colony were in search for religious freedom from their homeland. r be called the, "House of Burgesses. Another similarity between the two is Plymouth and Jamestown both had excellent leadership among their colonies.