An Enemy Called Violence

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An Enemy Called Violence Even though the Hebrews believe God to be loving, he is not found pleasant in all situations. God is helpful, rewarding, and caring in the Bible toward the people who have faith in him; and is also known to be devastating, and at times overwhelming to his opponents when God inflicts forces of violence. The force of violence plays a major roll in Genesis and Exodus. Three main events in Genesis/Exodus come to mind when discussing the privileges of God’s followers or the violence against God’s opponents. God regrets his creation of mankind and exercises force against the wicked and evil people by creating a flood to cover up his error. This error shows how God relates to humans by making mistakes. God, however, finds Noah to be faithful and spares his life to reward him. Joseph also finds favor in God’s eyes and is kept safe through his hardship. The force is inflicted by Joseph’s brothers because they are jealous of Joseph and it would be beneficial for them if he was out of the way. God exercises force a second time in Exodus against the Pharaoh and Egypt, because God cares about his faithful people and wishes to free them from the Pharaoh. His intentions are also to Continue...

They tell him that God appeared to Moses and that they have proof. Out of appreciation, Noah builds an alter for God and presents the clean animals as burnt offerings (Genesis 8:20). The Pharaoh is still not convinced because he once again calls upon his magicians to prove that Moses' proof can also be done with magic. He soon gains the opportunity to interpret dreams. The force of violence of the ten plagues against Egypt is inflicted by God to free the Hebrews, but most of all, it is to prove God's self to the Pharaoh. She becomes very angry and then falsely accuses Joseph of attacking her (Genesis 39:17). The Pharaoh calls upon his sorcerers who perform a similar task as proof that Moses' proclamation is wrong. He decides that the people he created are evil and wicked, which originated in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. God speaks to Joseph through dreams. A third force of violence featured in Exodus of the Bible is when God inflicts the ten plagues upon Egypt to answer their prayers that request freedom so they may worship God freely. They believe that he is bragging, and that their lives would be more significant to their father if Joseph was out of the way. Noah and his family are the only humans that God wants to survive. God does not want the Pharaoh to doubt his existence and is very determined, for the sake of his people, to be the more powerful one. Violence changes the lives of many people in Genesis and Exodus.