One Person can make the Difference

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It was Thomas Carlyle who believed that one person could change the course of events in history. He strongly believed that it was because of the individuals’ greatness that led the people into their outcomes, not historical circumstances, which Carl Marx would argue. Napoleon Bonaparte is a perfect example of individual greatness. Carlyle said, “It is not a lucky word, this name "impossible"; no good comes of those who have it so often in their mouths.”Œ The word impossible was not a familiar word to Napoleon. He was successful in what he tried to achieve because he let nothing stand in his way. Could someone, like Napoleon, truly stand as an individual and change the course of history? Yes, and it happened. Napoleon was just one of many leaders who led his people, and changed history forever. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 and died May 5, 1821. During that time he rose to be one of the greatest leaders that France ever had. Napoleon created political alliances and seized control of the French Government. He made changes in all areas, including government, religion and education. He made a new constitution as well as setting up a Continental System. Napoleon led France to many victories, which was h Continue...

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Individuals do make the difference and the great men of history are not the subjects of their times, but rather those who changed the events of history. After ten years of war, the people wanted one strong leader and Napoleon had proven himself worthy of that title. Napoleon won the war for France with the Austrians that led to the signing of the Treaty of Campoformio, which enlarged France's Territory. As leaders, they both knew how to use and manipulate their people. Maybe these are all just simple cases of people being in the right place at the right times. Both manipulated their people to get what they wanted. The differences between Napoleon's goals and Hitler's were that Napoleon wanted to instill liberty among his people with him ruling over them, and Hitler wanted to make a "perfect race by wiping out any other race that didn't meet his standards. Unlike other leaders, Hitler believed in killing all people who didn't fit into his perspectives of the "master race. Hitler led the Nazis and called for all Germans, even those in other countries, to unite into one nation; they called for a strong central government; and they called for the cancellation of the Versailles Treaty. Alexander the Great made possible the broadly developed culture of the Hellenistic Age. Napoleon was a military genius that amidst the chaos of the crumbling system was able to realize his full potential as a world conqueror. He was trying to maintain control over a dying nation. Hitler gained control of Germany, much like Napoleon did with Europe, and he gave himself the title "Fuehrer" (leader). He wanted to create the greatest empire known to man.


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