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In this book report I read the book D-Day and tells u about the time before and the grueling battles that led up to the most memorable and most important day of this century, June 6, 1944, that was D-Day. Also I will mention key points and describe to you what intricate planning and grueling strategy that out smarted the German forces. What really decided the outcome of the war was determined by three things the number of allies, the number of soldiers that where positioned right so that they could defend each area equally, but the problem with the German forces was that they conquered so much land that they couldn’t defend it all and that was one main reason the they lost the war. The last main reason was who had more and better weaponry. Which the Germans had a big advantage for the first part of the war. The weapons that they had was the V-2, it was the worlds first medium-range ballistic missile, it wasn’t military weapon at all, but a terrorist device. They also had invented the ME-262 twin jet fighter ready for serial production. Its cruising speed was 520 miles per hour, more than 120 miles an hour faster than any plane the allies could send ag Continue...

That pushed the Germans back to the villages, but then out of no where more German guns start to fire and it pushes us back and so the keep fighting back in fourth and they used the navy and they said it was utter chaos and it wa but after 3 to 5 hours of shooting and bombing and killing the U. On this beach was a lot of houses that could be burned by blowing them up and so they did, But the Germans had a surprise and it was snipers that mainly concentrated on the UDT and they did. The LSTs and the LCTs became the work horses of the allies, but the bad thing about them was that they were extremely slow, cumbersome, and very very easy targets. Eisenhower born in Abilene, Kansas and Rommel on Gmund, Swabia. For example By the end of 1943 the allies had launched three successful attacks from water to land, North Africa (November 8, 1942), Sicily (July 10,1943), and Salerno (September 9, 1943) all involving British and American land, sea, and airforce under the command of Dwight D. When they were going to Utah Beach Col. He had every thing from angled firing positions, they had plunged fire, grazing fire, form all types of weapons. He said that was the longest four hours in his life. The British was going to take this one and so they did. Winston Churchill complained with some hostility that " the destinies of two great empires. Omaha Beach was the most important of the five missions because it was the most guarded and most wide open place so it took the longest. Hitler was very pleased with them and they were perfect for the 262's to escort them.