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In this book report I read the book D-Day and tells u about the time before and the grueling battles that led up to the most memorable and most important day of this century, June 6, 1944, that was D-Day. Also I will mention key points and describe to you what intricate planning and grueling strategy that out smarted the German forces. What really decided the outcome of the war was determined by three things the number of allies, the number of soldiers that where positioned right so that they could defend each area equally, but the problem with the German forces was that they conquered so much land that they couldn’t defend it all and that was one main reason the they lost the war. The last main reason was who had more and better weaponry. Which the Germans had a big advantage for the first part of the war. The weapons that they had was the V-2, it was the worlds first medium-range ballistic missile, it wasn’t military weapon at all, but a terrorist device. They also had invented the ME-262 twin jet fighter ready for serial production. Its cruising speed was 520 miles per hour, more than 120 miles an hour faster than any plane the allies could send against it, and it mounted four 33mm canon it was known as the Blitz Bomber . When Hitler saw the 262’s capabilities he was very impressed, but he wanted something that could bomb London. Another big thing that the Germans used was the B-17 bombers. Hitler was very pleased with them and they were perfect for the 262’s to escort them. For example Hitler used the B-17 at the raid of the Berlin March. He used 1,250 B-17 and had 14 groups of jet fighters (262’s) and he didn’t lose not one plane. The Americans on the other hand had some weapon advantages that had been invented by the British, an American ally, that proved good in the long run such as the LST and the LCT...

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