Drug Legalization

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Eliot Marshall once said “The discovery and invention of substances that change the way we feel and behave are among man’s special accomplishments”. Man has been given the ability to alter a person’s behavior, mood, health, thoughts, and perception. However, due to government restrictions this ability can’t be used to it’s potential by most people. I say most because it is possible to get theses substances and that’s off the black market, since drugs are illegal. For the next few minutes I will discuss how it would be better to legalize all drugs starting the low death count, how it could help the economy, and lastly how we all use drugs sometimes. Why are drugs illegal in the first place? According to Compton’s CD Rom the 1997 edition, “People who use drugs take them without medical approval and for recreational, not medical reasons.” Similar to this is alcohol and tobacco. Alcohol is legal and people consume that for recreation reasons rather than medical. Same with tobacco, however tobacco is the leading cause of death in America and it isn’t in any way considered medically helpful. To give you an idea, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that more than 300,000 American’s Continue...

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That is in addition to the amounts listed previously. That amounts to 8 of all international trade and is comparable to the annual turnover in textiles. If you are ever in the hospital and receive doses of Morphine, then you should know that the main ingredient is opium. If you take certain brands of over the counter pills such as Coricidin or "crazy 8's then they contain what extracts of cocaine. I however don't think that the number would increase by that much at all, because the fact that if anybody actually wants drugs now, then they can get them easily, so the theory is that everybody that is using now, will still be the only ones using when drugs are legalized. Think of the alcohol prohibition in the 1920's. Now it is time for our government to repeal the drug prohibition because the crime rate is high, the number of dealers is growing and the number of users is growing as well. Since the beginning of our country's time, a famous quote, "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness has been known as the motto of our country. According to Compton's CD Rom, "cocaine was prescribed as an anesthetic and a painkiller before the government got involved. 1 billion dollars on the "drug war and the nation as a whole spends 30. Drug prohibition is a losing battle and they need to be legalized. That number is greater than the number of people that die from cocaine, heroin and marijuana all added together. Another reason illicit drugs should be made legal deals with economical issues. The United States can try to fight drugs but no matter what they will always be around, because the people will always find a way.


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