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History ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION vs. THE CONSTITUTION There are major differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. The Articles of Confederation had been in effect sine 1781. They established what could be referred to as a "league of friendship" and a quasi-constitution for the states that were sovereign and independent subsequent to the American Revolution. Those articles appeared to be "woefully inadequate" to James Madison. Madison believed that the central government had little power, while the states had considerable power. The central government was not able to tax, or set commercial power, nor could a war effort be effectively supported. It did not have the power to settle disputes between the states. The central government was considerably weak in all aspects in light of the Articles of Confederation. Something had to be done about this before a great economic disaster occurred. Congress attempted to function with a t Continue...


    The Articles of the Confederation VS. the Constitution
    The Articles of the Confederation VS. the Constitution. During the history of the United States, our country has operated under two different constitutions. .... (567 2 )

    US Constitution vs. The Articles of Confederation
    US Constitution vs. The Articles of Confederation. ?The Articles of Confederation had many weaknesses but were successful in providing .... (2347 9 )

    Articles vs Confederation
    Articles vs Confederation. .... The Articles of Confederation was ratified by Maryland and brought into .... The Articles lasted a little over seven years until it was .... (856 3 )

    Articles of Confederation v. the Constitution
    Articles of Confederation vs. the US Constitution The Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution are two systems of government that were adopted by the .... (515 2 )

    Articles vs Constitution
    Articles of Confederation vs. United States Constitution The American Revolution left the colonies without laws or an established government. .... (409 2 )

Inflation was at an all time high. They were tired of the British type of rule, but many were in favor of something similar to monarchy, only better. Yes, I agree that something had to be done about the Articles of Confederation, but as a new and growing nation, it was likely to experience growing pains. However, if I had known what I know now, I would not have supported the Constitution, because the federal government has entirely too much power and the states have too little in the 1990s. This nation is the best one in the world, although it is not without fault. The Constitutional Convention was the means to fashion the new government of America into Madison's mold. The learned men that wrote the Constitution knew what they were doing and what they wished to accomplish. Had I been alive in the year the Constitution was submitted to the states, I can honestly say that I would have supported the ratification of the Constitution. Although the Constitution has since been amended and shall continue to be amended as situations arise, the original Constitution is a time-honored document to the necessity for having a people that is governed so that the states will not assume too great a power or leadership and economic resources can be shared. Although the delegates fought tooth and nail for their individual issues, there was a consensus that a central form of government was needed. To have one central government that provides checks and balances to the states is just what was needed at the time. When the delegates of the states met in Philadelphia, it was a momentous occasion.


Central Government vs Loose Confederation
Central Government vs Loose Confederation. to establish self-government in the colonies, the most extensive of which was the Articles of Confederation (1844 7 )

Madison & the Creation of the American Republic
in efforts to ratify and amend the Articles of Confederation, as well as the initial controversies over constitutional interpretation of states rights vs. (766 3 )

Fragmentation of the American System
This was in marked contrast to the previous Articles of Confederation, which established a truly Anti-Federalists Speak: Property vs. Democracy in 1787. (6144 25 )

Concept of Separation of Powers
of the principal concerns arising from the experience under the Articles of Confederation. in the field of international relations." This ruling, in US vs. (10146 41 )