A comparison of two short stories

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A Comparison of Two Short Stories The two short stories used in this comparison are “ A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell and The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty. Both stories deal with killing and death. Why would anyone want to kill another human being no matter what the reason? I will show the similarities and differences in the characters motivation for killing, the settings in which the killing takes place and the plots of each story. The characters motivation between the two stories is different, yet each character ends up killing a family member for diverse reasons. In these two stories the characters kill because they each made that choice. They didn’t really have to kill anyone. In “ A Jury of Her Peers” Minnie Wrights motivation for killing her husband was to escape her feelings of isolation and loneliness. Minnie was once a young woman who was pleasant, loveable, and friendly young woman. But after she got married, she became unhappy, lonely, and unfriendly. Her problems of isolation and loneliness were represented by several changes in her behavior. Two major changes were in her quilting and her birds care. Her quilting when it was noticed that all her squares were sewn neatly except for one. Then t Continue...

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In " The Sniper the protagonist who was a Republican sniper gave few physical characteristics and very little insight of his personality only by describing the look in his eyes. She was accused of murdering her husband and arrested by the police. I believe I have shown how and why these two short stories have some conformity and some variations but yet end up with the same outcome of each character killing and dealing with the death of a family member. At one point you would have thought he was a risk taker; this is shown when he makes the decision to smoke a cigarette even though he knows it is too risky. The settings of each story differed but ended up with the same out come. The setting of each story focused only one a very small area where all the events took place. He then turned over the body and saw that it was his brother. After looking at the pieces of quilting the women were able to piece together the difficult life of Minnie Wright and decide to hide the evidence that could incriminate her from the others. During this time ones neighbors were not very close and phones were not yet widespread. So he would wait until he heard a whisper or a sudden sound and then he would make his move. Minnie Wright his wife was the suspect. The men then begin to search the house to find a motive.


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