Why the South lost the civil War

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Nathan LaFollette During the first battle of Bull Run the Union troops ran in full retreat back to Washington DC. During this time General Lee told president Davis that give him ten thousand troops and he would capture Washington DC, Davis thought he was kidding and just laughed him off. Had Davis not been mistaken our country might very well be split in half. That is just one of the massive blunders the South committed during the war. Some of the other problems the South had during the war was lack of unity, unorganized, smaller and towards the end of the war low moral. Regardless of all else unity was the biggest challenge faced Continue...

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    North and South/Civil War journals. .... But I grieve for them; they have lost their homes just as surely as the entire South has lost its home. .... (1700 7 )

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    .... Along with the Civil War came about the inventions of many new weapons. .... The North lost 23,000 men and the South lost 25,000 men (Gettysburg). .... (1098 4 )

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    .... There were many factors that contributed to the United States' Civil War, but the .... Therefore the south disliked the tariffs from which they lost money too .... (965 4 )

When you fight a war you need a strong united front. In my mind this added to the feeling of hopelessness in the Southern moral. There size was the South was agricultural in nature while the North was mostly manufacturing. When the confederate was formed the central government. The North's big crops were wheat and corn. The South's biggest crop was cotton. But without unity no long term victory can be guaranteed. Had the South created a strong front, received foreign support, and achieved strategic victory early in the war they might have won. Further more 15 of the South's population were slaves and couldn't be allowed to fight in the war. To make matters worse was South had less then half of the population of the North. This an example of is during Sherman's march through Georgia. When the men from Georgia heard the tales of looting, raping, and pillaging the number of deserters were in the thousands. When your government can't pass laws for the good of the many then you have a conflict with unity.


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Why the South Lost the Civil War Despite the overwhelming advantage that the North appeared to have over the South, the South had the advantage of the (1433 6 )

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the South lost. In actuality, while this scenario is partially correct, there were a host of other issues that represent causes or catalysts of the Civil War. (1729 7 )

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and the North and the slaves won, while the South lost. In actuality, there were a host of other issues that represent causes or catalysts of the Civil War. (4920 20 )

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The South fought valiantly for its 'Lost Cause,' and produced in men like Lee Catton, Bruce. Reflections on the Civil War. Garden City: Doubleday, 1981. (2041 8 )

McPherson described the American Civil War as "four years of ferocity unmatched in War I" (x). During it the North lost 360,000 and the South 260,000 men (3440 14 )