Women In War

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For women, wartime was considered “the best years of their lives” by some people and historians. Not only did women come to the country’s aid in time of need, they also started the concept of women having a job. The idea of women at work during World War II was not utterly new. In the previous years of World War I, women were nursing sisters, volunteers, and there were even some women in the Navy. Before “the war to end all wars”, work was considered a man’s job. Normally, a woman’s place was in the house tending to her children, and doing housework such as cleaning and cooking. If a lady had a job, the job would usually be as a teacher, librarian, sales clerk, or secretary but it would never require hard labor. (Encarta 98; World Book Encyclopedia; World at War, p.31) As World War II came around however, the situation changed. Men were starting to be drafted as part of the air force, military, and other war related jobs. Men left their working positions to answer their call of duty, therefore leaving many empty jobs. Since there was such a shortage of workers, some immigrants took vacant jobs, but many more workers were still needed. The lack of employees led to advertisements encouraging women get a job. Continue...

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Some jobs to entertain were film stars, dancers, and singers. The Junior Cross packed kits, aided nurses, and raised money for children overseas. They went through many hardships, and should be recognized for it. It was easier for women to attain such information than men, because men were more suspected than women were. Two famous pilots during the time of World War II were Jacqueline Cochran and Nancy Harkness Love. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company NY 1991 Gilbert, Martin. One of the most famous ads showed an imaginary character named Rosie the Riveter. Some helped the war directly by forming associations such as WACs (Women Army Corps), WRENS (Women's Royal Naval Service), and the CWAC (Canadian Women's Auxiliary Corps). (Those Incredible Women of World War II, p. Unions hoped that women would quit their jobs so that competition would not be started among the two sexes. There were some organizations such as WACs (Women's Army Corps) and the Women's United States Navy. Women and War New York: Wayland (Publishers) Limited 1993 Zeinert, Karen. Crops were harvested when farm workers weren't available in the Victory Farm Volunteers.


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