Gay vs. christianity

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I. Introduction A gay man remembers his high school years filled with loneliness, fear, and self-hatred. Another man recalls spending every lunch period in a bathroom stall. A lesbian recollects her bottling up all her emotions and silencing all impulsive gestures, terrified of saying or doing anything to betray her own secret. Unusual memories? Perhaps for some. Most homosexuals and many of today’s high school students can describe similar tales. In most teenagers’ lives, they experience a memorable four years in high school; gay teenagers often have a different story to tell, many of which are very similar to the ones above. II. Acceptance and Statistics Teenagers endure school constantly trying to fit in and be accepted by the groups around them; gay students go through this same process, but many times it is much harder for them to find a group that will accept them for who they are. In most cases, it makes a homosexual student feel better to ‘come out’ (to state one’s sexuality) with friends and people at school. A study done in 1995 by the United States Department of Health and Human Services showed that gay and lesbian teenagers are 35% more likely to commit suicide. Every year, this rate contin Continue...

(MSSGLY) Along with verbal harassment, physical harassment follows closely behind. Homosexual suicide makes up about half of the suicide percentage in the United States. Racial, ethnic, and sexual slurs are particularly abusive. God designed marriage to take place between a man and a woman. Later on into the night all the men from the village surrounded Lot"tms house and demanded that Lot send the angels out to let all the men of the village have sex with them. I believe that homosexual couples will not reach heaven unless they turn from their ways and repent. Anti-Gay ViolenceViolence is a common occurrence when a homosexual reveals himself. In most places, marriage is still banned. SpiritualityFinally, one of the most common questions and debate topics is whether or not a homosexual can interact with the church and obtain true salvation. The military is based on self-control, personal qualities, and good morals. The feeling of rejection makes it hard to "come out"tm. Being homosexual, to them, seems to go against all of these. A recent survey gives the following results:Who askedOpinionPercentageGeneralsNo homosexuals allowed; the founding fathers believed in the Bible and held to its truths. This is vital to their growth and development as a person.