Vision of Youth

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John Bishop Grammar Class Vision of young people nowadays In my country, Vietnam, the economic development process since 1986 can be classified into three periods, 1986-89: the economic was centrally planned and highly inefficient, and relied on external assistance, 1990-95: Vietnam faced and embarked on its "Doi Moi" program (renovation) towards an open market- oriented economy, and 1996 to present: Vietnam has been embarking "Doi moi" program. Here, I want to discuss about the last period toward young people. The post "Doi moi" generation emerges as a distinct consumer group with its own tastes and values. There's a general sense of urgency among Vietnamese youngsters these days, striving to get on and improve their chances of financial success and development. The young people are looking for the world around them, both in and outside the country, for their global contemporaries, and they are making their own decisions about the kind of lives they want, and how they should go about achieving it. The influence of "Doi moi" has affected more acutely to the young than anyone else - dramatically impacting their lifestyles, hopes and aspirations. According to a recent qualitative study conducted by ACNielsen V Continue...

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It is a rather conservative youth culture, one that in its own way is testing the boundaries of acceptance and attempting to balance new found freedom and opportunities within well defined cultural norms. As the name suggests, they live for the moment, are less concerned about their future, spend less time studying and concentrate on having a good time. Their social lives tend to center on more predictable and "safer" activities. Their parents fund their diverse social scene. They are a distinct segment of the population and deserve to be treated as such. They are more experimental in their selection of things to do and are fashion and brand conscious, using them as status badges of "cool". Education, qualifications and getting on are key drivers - hence their dedication to study and self-improvement. Nightclubs, bars, fashion and brands are of less importance. They are setting their own agenda, and selecting or dismissing those elements of emerging youth culture as they see fit. It is wrong to assume that this youth culture is merely a mirror image of that in other countries. Calvin Klein, Levi's, Nike, DG, Versace and Gucci are all considered signifiers of cool, as are Viva and Honda Dream motorcycles. Gone are the days of a passive youth market - young people are now collectively and metaphorically raising their profile. It would appear that the days of working towards the collective good are fading fast when the emphasis shifts to the individual. While this concern is embryonic, it highlights the development of youth culture in my country, and it also reinforces the importance of youth as a distinct consumer segment with its own desires and aspirations.


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