Differences in Points of View Between James Joyces Short Stories Araby and Counterparts

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There are many techniques that authors use to communicate their intentions for writing a work. Each of these literary techniques has their own purpose in influencing how the reader perceives what he or she reads. James Joyce is no exception in relation to the use of literary techniques that enhance his compositions. Although there are several different techniques used in his two short stories, “Araby” and “Counterparts,” his use of point of view in relation to the general meaning of each of these stories is what will be the focus of this paper. In Joyce’s short story “Araby,” a man thinks back to his childhood and reminisces about his excursion to a bazaar in Araby. This first person account enables the reader to know exactly what he feels in this situation. The reader learns that, as a young boy, this man, probably Joyce himself, has an infatuation with Mangan’s sister. Mangan is the deceased priest that used to live nearby. Joyce conveys to the reader exactly what the boy thinks and how he feels about this woman through his use of first person point of view. Through the use of first person point of view the reader learns of the boy’s anxiousness to go to the bazaar, where he believes he will me Continue...

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The boy feels that the woman at the booth speaks to him "out of a sense of duty. It is when the woman working in the booth, that he visits, asks if he would like to buy anything, that the reader realizes why his crush speaks to him in the beginning of the story. Conclusively, different works of literature are written from different points of view to make the reader interpret the work in the way that the author intends it to be interpreted. This aspect makes the story much more effective in a sense of general meaning because it enables the reader to understand exactly what is going on in each character"tms mind. However, if the story had been told from an omniscient third person narrator the reader would be able to know what the woman is thinking and feeling as well, therefore making the story better. However, in "Counterparts" the reader is able to know the thoughts and feelings of all the characters since there is an all-knowing narrator. Certain literary works would lose many of their concerns if it were written any other way. Upon his arrival he is disappointed that the bazaar is closing and visits one of the booths that is still open. Alleyne as well as a counterpart of his son. " Joyce chooses this as the title because Farrington is a counterpart of Mr. The reason for this is because Farrington plays the part of the oppressed, just as his son does, and he also plays the role of the oppressor towards his son just as Mr.


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