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Motherboards Motherboards are the main part of a computer system. Also called a main board a motherboard is responsible for connecting all the components of a computer system and allowing them to communicate between each other. In 1924 the Tabulating Machine Company was renamed to IBM. Hewlett Packard was founded in 1939. The first transistor was invented in 1947. In 1967 IBM created the first floppy disk. In 1968 Intel Corp was founded. In 1970 the first microprocessor was born as well as the first Random-access memory module otherwise known as RAM. In 1972 Compact discs were invented. In 1975 the first personal computer hit the market with one kilobyte of memory. Its cost was around $397. In 1981 the Commodore is released which later becomes the world’s most popular computer. In 1985 Microsoft and IBM begin working together on their new operating system called windows. These are the main points on the history of motherboards. This history was found at On the Website it describes motherboards like a small scale of a city. The main chips take power from one source and the information travels on a multiple lane highway to get to all of the components of a computer Continue...

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It is the intermediary between the operating system and the different hardware components of the computer system. (How Motherboards work) There have been many different advancements in the technology of a motherboard. It is faster than DRAM but more expensive. If a user is having keyboard problems then they should troubleshoot the keyboard first and then examine the keyboard controller chip and see if it is damaged. It is used for Graphics rendering in games as well as photo and video editing. The CPU places information into the RAM so it can process it later. This slot talks directly to the central processing unit (CPU). Dual inline memory module (DIMM) Is the same as SIMM but it increases the size of the data path for faster data transfers and has separate connector pins on both sides of the circuit board to increase the amount of memory (106). This along with density and temperatures has created a problem in keeping the motherboard from literally frying itself. This port is not put on all motherboards but I wouldn't buy a motherboard with out one. A motherboard is a multi-layered printed circuit board. If the motherboard is cracked or if pins are broken or chips are broken then there isn't anything that a user can do other than to buy a new motherboard. This could range from many different shapes and sizes to accommodate many different types of processors. 625 megabytes per second transfer rate between the card and the motherboard. The user sends a task to the motherboard through the mouse, keyboard, and monitor.


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