Assisted suicide

             The statement of views in assisted suicide is enormously uncomplicated. One side of the argument states that assisted suicide should be acceptable because they no person who is terminally ill, should live in pain. Yes, this does seem logical and compassionate but why should someone die just because currently they are feeling a lot of pain. This side feels that anyone has the right and choice of their life and the doctor is able to have someone put them out of their misery in an act of mercy. This side also feels their family and loved ones may determine the outcome, if the patient is not able to respond.
             The opposing views state that assisted suicide is in fact, an act of murder. They feel that no person is GOD, so why should anyone be able to have that role in their hands. They also feel that there should be legal action if one is caught performing an assisted murder. This side feels that the patient is not able to establish clear logic in this situation and will result to permanent measures just to be relieved of the pain they are currently feeling. They feel that if the patient is in so much pain that their thoughts would be blurred by the bizarre side effect of the drug(s) currently taken.
             I feel that assisted suicide is outrageous because why can anyone have the ability to kill someone else and have it be okay? There are always miracles and advancements in medicine so a person has no need to be a victim of an assisted suicide. Yes, I do feel a person should live life with as less pain as possible but I don’t think the easy way out is having an assisted suicide. Assisted suicide is an act of violence even if there is no aggression involved. This also raises the question of what if someone just says they want an assisted suicide because they are overwhelmed at the moment but they actually don’t mean it. Should there be a certain time required to think after this idea has been proposed? Assisted sui

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