Erich Fromm

             An American psychoanalyst Erich Fromm, was born on March 23,
             1900, in Frankfort, Germany. Fromm was educated at the Universities of
             Heidelberg and Munich, as well as, The Psychoanalytic Institute in Berlin.
             He received his Ph.D. from Heidlberg in 1922.
             As a result of all the turmoil in Germany, Fromm’s immigrated to the
             states in 1934. Hitler’s reign to power was strong and Fromm was aware of
             his pursuit. Fromm was a very intelligent man and was extremely conscious
             of the fact that his odds in the field of psychology during this time were very
             When he immigrated to the United States he studied psychoanalysis
             and lectured at various institutions, including Bennington College, New York
             University, also teaching at Columbia, Yale, Michigan State University, and
             the William Alanson White Institute of Psychiatry. Eventually Fromm
             Fromm was a psychoanalyst which is a psychologist who has received
             additional specialized training in psychoanalyst theory and practice. In order
             to become a psychoanalyst you must study 16 years of college in that field.
             Sigmun Freud developed a technique to uncover the unconscious called
             psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is a technique which Fromm used as
             therapy. This is a technique in which a patient lies on a couch and recounts
             dreams and says whatever comes to mind, this helps uncover the
             Freud developed this technique of therapy because he believed that
             dreams represent our wishes and that they can reveal the motive’s guiding
             our behavior, motives of which we are often unaware of. This process is also
             known as free association. A psychoanalyst technique that encourages the
             patient to talk with out inhibition about whatever thoughts or fantasy came to
             Psychoanalysis is the belief that anxiety and other problems are
             symptoms of inner conflicts dating back to childhood. Psychoanalysis is

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