Self portrait

             I was a teenager just living her life like the rest of her peers. I never thought just how important a person’s background could be. That was until I moved here, to New York.
             I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. So, there are a lot of significant holidays and dates, which I never took into consideration. I never thought much of my heritage. Through out my entire life I always thought of them as just another excuse not to go to school or to just have a day off from everything and go to the beach. I never quite understood the meaning of who I was and were I came from.
             Two years ago I moved from my native country to Yonkers, New York. Here a met a numerous amount of people that came from different countries with their own language, their own traditions, and their own culture. As I went to a new school, I searched for people I could sympathize with. People that came from the same place I came from, that I had things in common with, and that knew the things I knew about my country. In school I saw that people were always aware of their heritage. They were always overstating their pride for their country. I saw how my friends were dressed coordinating with the Dominican flag on Independence Day, February 27.
             It wasn’t until about a year ago, I didn’t see the meaning of doing so. Not until I saw just how great it is to come from a different country and to be able to share the same experience with a vast group of people. I didn’t realize I come from a country filled with people who take their history for granted. People here celebrate their heritage with parades and they always have a special place for that little island in the center of the Caribbean. I now understood the importance of my heritage, where I come from, what, and who I am. I am Dominican. Now I feel more cultured and I appreciate and actually miss where i’m from.
             Many things can happen to a person that can be a life changing experience. As a per...

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